The Consortium For
Slower Internet


The Cybernetic Meadow Collection is a set of handmade objects that seek to reorient your relationship to consumer electronics in your home.

The first edition of the Cybernetic Meadow Collection is currently SOLD OUT. Please contact to inquire about plans for upcoming production runs.


Concrete planter and phone dock with cork base.
  • Interchangeable inserts allow you to use both iPhone 4 and 5 style chargers as well as most Android phones.
  • Charging cable and plant not included.
  • Waterproof cork base holds excess water as it drains from the planter.

Heirloom JPEGS

Drop out of "the cloud" with this concrete photo display and 16gb USB drive.
  • Comes with one uniquely distressed concrete USB flash drive.
  • Purchase additional drives as your storage needs grow. No monthly fees, no terms of service.
  • The Consortium for Slower Internet does not participate in PRISM.
  • Cork lined bottom with solid oak slats.
  • Perfect for 4" x 6" prints or smaller from or printstagram.


WIFI router in concrete planter enclosure.
  • Shallow planter dish is perfect for succulents, mosses, or small ferns (not included).
  • Easily remove planter for watering and replace after draining.
  • Solid oak base provides access to all original ports on router.
  • Includes a functioning TP-LINK TL-WDR3600 router (compatible with OpenWRT and other firmwares)
  • Will not make your Internet slower, but does require periodic watering and care.


A printed copy of Richard Brautigan's All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace" from 1967.
  • Distributed for free in accordance with the original copyright.